Business Process

Business Survey

Our priority is to serve un-served people first and to fulfill unmet demand and narrows the Gap between demand and supply. Area survey will be done by senior officer by keeping in mind priority setup by the board. During the area survey, survey team will focus cash flow, market, croppattern, creditdemand, presence of MFI and other financial institution, law and order, cast and culture ,infrastructure ,transportation facility from HO/RO. area susceptibility to natural disaster, flood or draught, credit culture etc

Branch Manager will be responsible for branch survey. He will do the branch survey with the help of secondary data to know poverty level in the area to be cater trough the branch. Population density, geographic condition, presence of public sectors bank, source of cash flow in the area, presence of MFI, potential number of client in the covering radius of operation, further scope for new branch in nearby will the key indicators which branch manager will focus on

Village survey will be done by field staff through rapid rural appraisal and meeting with the villagers. During the village survey field staff will try to get an idea of main resources of income of poor and agriculture labor and rural artisans and demographic profile of the community. Social condition, totem and taboos (especially in tribe area).

Business Plan

Disbursement will be take place at the branch. member husband or Guardian(in cash of widow or divorcee, married daughter ) .un married girls are not allowed to join the program .All divestment will sent the money to their A/c from HO

All loan will be insured clients and her husband will be insured with full amount and since loan over.

Loan utilization checkup will be done with in 15 day of disbursement in clients account withdrawal. Staff will check all loan disbursed within a month, certain % of done by BM .other supervisory will check during center visit all five week old loan .once he/she visit he will be responsible for LUC and other misappropriation for the centerfor this quarter .

Loan Approval

From the list of 2nd lender less than 1 lac for IGL Rural and urban limits will follow in both IGL and SME

BM will be final authority to approve High value loan will approved by UM after looking business of the client and must have alternate resource of fund or income for repayment in their odd days and project frailer

One branch have Max five staff depend on potential of the branch and one manager, initially five branch will be supervised by one UM after maturity it’s may come down to four branch one Unit Manager, similarly RM will supervise five units initially and finally four units. RM will report to Business head on daily basis progress in numbers of members, clients, group training. GRT. Head office operation team will organized later to identify the gap in operation and HO departmental l head once in a month they come to HO for exchanging their issue and find solution at the end of the end of the meeting.

Business Discussion

After satisfactory meeting with the villagers staff interact with the potential client and ask them to organized JLG after that staff visit every individual house of the group members for physical verification of KYC and fill house hold form at their door step.

Training will be focus signature, knowledge about different financial product and the purposes which can be fulfill through the product. Training will be largely focus on products such as credit, savings, insurance ,pension , Medi-claim policy .Training will continue four day, each and every members have to attained the training for all four days. Every day staff will reiterate about interest rate, RBI rule for lenders and borrowers, Credit bureau .Repayment of loan time ,size ,and meeting procedure. Pre settlement of loan condition.

BM will check that every member who present for GRT, must completed at least four-day training .and everyone know about the procedure takingloan and repayment. Knowledge of financial literacy as hole group, match KYC form during the H hold checking, that form are filled completely and correctly in cash some information missing manager will fill and complete form because after checking HH and Farm he became responsible mistakes and error in farm

Business Account

Client’s problem escalation and redresal with in time fram will be established from day one and change will take place to strengthen to make it robust

All disbursement will be done by HO to the client A/C directly. everyexpenses except patty cash will done through HO .Branches will deposit their daily collection in HO account or have HO A/C in the re area

Audit will be done after 200 ALC to the branch quarterly will done every branch and on the basis score of all four quarter branch will grad finally .and performance staff and manger will based on their branch 50%. concurrent audit will be also done for financial control check .

HR will work under written HR manual which contains .Recruitment, training, allowances ,salary ,promotion ,transfer ,grievance escalation and its redresalof staff and members .